MingTang (MT) is a firm that mainly engaged in the designing and production for financial activities, which is a long term partner with a wide range of listed companies worldwide, large multinational companies and state-owned enterprises, investment banks and public relationship firms. We help clients to celebrate their dedication to financial deal achievements such as initial public offerings, bond offerings, mergers, acquisitions and private equities.

In ten years, MT has been working to develop an integrated approach called "Design + Production", and has set up different departments to make sure the clear division of work and the close collaboration according to different businesses, which has made our service better. Till today, we have provided our services to more than 1000 listed companies and fortune 500 companies all over the world, our works has been recognised with prizes from the clients, they come to us because we offer truly integrated services.

We have made great many of successful cases across multiple industries, and more fantastic cases are coming soon...

"If you are looking for a partner who can provide a new kind of thinking and take on the toughest, we are here for you "