Deal toys & Tombstones / Milestones

Whether it be a merger or acquisition, or a commemorative gift to celebrate a big IPO deal, we custom designs and manufacture tombstone awards, deal toys, and deal gifts for all industries. With access to our own factory, our design capabilities to produce anything you can think of it. No deal should go unrecognized.

Caricatures & Illustrations

A group caricature is the best way to record the hilarious moments during the IPO road show and the precious memories with your supervisor and colleagues. A caricature can also be used in an annual report or social responsible report as illustration.

Large scale cultural crafts

Large scale cultural gifts are for the enterprise to present to its major clients or partnersto commemorate an important event such as IPO or company anniversary. Expecially can be presented to Stock Exchange on the listing ceremony.

Customized corporate gifts

A special designed gift is the best way to convey the company's culture and character. We believe that a gift is not only a gift, but also a superb way to propaganda.

Other brand design and graphic design

Brand VI design, exhibition and exposition design.